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What To Do When Your Child Refuses to Potty Train

You read all the books and watched all potty training kid videos. You purchased the best potty training chair. You feel that your child is getting too old for diapers or they showed some interest in big kid underpants. You think you’re both ready. But what if you find your toddler resisting potty training and now won’t even sit on the toilet? Potty training resistance isn’t uncommon. We’ve listed some reasons for this below and some ways to address it.


"What if I mess my kid up?" And other parenting fears you can put to rest

Finding the right discipline style for your child is tricky. Here’s how you can better understand your child’s behavior, correct your own parenting mistakes, and try something different next time.


Applied Behavioral Analysis: the Therapist-Approved tool every parent needs to know about

What is Applied Behavioral Analysis? A powerful, evidence-based practice that helps parents connect with and communicate with their children. We want to bring it to EVERY parent