A new approach to autism care

Parent-led applied behavior analysis

More than 80% of families with an autism diagnosis do not get the care they need.

Just Parent makes care accessible to everyone.

  • Traditional care is limited

  • Geographic restrictions

  • Limited access to Master's-level clinicians

  • Requires up to 40 hours per week in a clinic

  • Little to no parental involvement

  • No continuation of care

  • What sets Just Parent apart

  • Completely virtual with flexible hours

  • Work with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

  • As little as three hours per week online

  • Parent-centric approach so you're always in the loop

  • Care evolves with your family over time

The current ABA model doesn't work for most families.

Welcome to a personalized approach to Applied Behavior Analysis.

Virtual Meetings
with a BCBA
Customized At-Home Care Plans
Text with Your Care Team Anytime

In just one month with Just Parent...


of families reported
decreased tantrum behaviors


of families reported an increase in their child’s ability to accept “no”


of families reported a significant improvement in communication


families working on adjusting to new routines saw improvements

We work with families of children who…

  • Has a Level I or Level II ASD diagnosis.
  • Are between the ages of 2-11 years old.
  • Are on a waitlist for care.
  • Don't have access to traditional ABA therapy.
  • Need more affordable ABA therapy.
  • Do not have time for traditional ABA therapy.
  • Want to be involved with their child’s therapy.
  • Are looking for continuation of care or additional support.

What is parent-led Applied Behavior Analysis?

ABA therapy often involves children spending long hours on their own with a clinician, leaving parents out of the loop and unable to continue important care at home. Just Parent enables families to take charge of their child's developmental journey by pairing them with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who provides expert guidance on teaching strategies and behavior management techniques.

Skillsets We Can Help With

Just Parent pairs families with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to help you navigate the behavioral challenges you’re seeing at home. Here are some of the most common challenges we see, but every family is different! If we can’t help you, we’ll help you find someone who can.

Social Skills

Sleep regression

Regulating Emotions

General Asd Assistance

Communication Deficits

General Non-compliance

Potty Training

Parent-Child Bonding

Struggling in school

Picky Eating

Comprehensive care coordination for pediatricians and providers

Just Parent operates as a guide to families beginning their autism journey. We work with pediatricians to help families get appointments with diagnosticians to determine whether an autism diagnosis is appropriate. We also assist families that have an official diagnosis to find life-changing care as quickly as possible.

Learn more about care coordination
Just Parent has been great because I finally feel like I’m the one doing the learning, not just someone teaching my son. I feel confident, I see improvement, and I’m the one doing everything for my son instead of someone else stepping in. It feels like a personal trainer holding me accountable!
Mom of 4-year-old with ASD
My experience with Just Parent has been amazing. They’re willing to work with your family and what your family’s needs are. My daughter is having some sleep issues and they’ve been helping me have the confidence to be able to help my daughter and to help her sleep in her own bed. And they’re giving me the confidence to parent my child in a way that will help in the long run.
Mom of child struggling with sleep
“Just Parent is amazing. I’ve been working with our clinician for about a month and it’s just like the extra support I need. I can be like, “Hey, my son is doing this right now…what’s your advice?” And my provider writes out a whole plan for me, step-by-step. Then she checks back in to make sure things are going okay. I love that our clinician keeps checking in, even if I don’t get back to her right away. It’s great accountability!”
Mom of a Child with ASD
“I’ve been working with and using Just Parent recently and they’ve been helping me a lot with my daughter. She basically doesn’t need her tablet any more which is so awesome, if you’re an autism parent you know how awesome that is! And it was all through the help of the clinician and the Just Parent team.”
Mom of a child with ASD