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Who Are Your Providers/Clinicians?

All of our Clinicians are licensed Board Certified Behavior Analysts or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts with extensive experience working with children facing a variety of diagnoses. Dr. Tiva Pierce serves as Head of Clinical Content and oversees all clinicians on our team.

How Does Just Parent's Model Differ From Traditional ABA?

Just Parent places parents and caregivers in a central role in their child's progress by offering virtual ABA therapy and parent training. Unlike traditional ABA therapy that may require extensive travel to a clinic, our approach brings the expertise of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) directly to your home via telehealth. Through direct collaboration with BCBAs, parents and caregivers gain access to the highest quality of care and acquire the skills to implement effective teaching strategies within their own home. This innovative approach not only eliminates the need for time-consuming commutes to clinics but also empowers families to take a proactive role in their child's development.

What Type of Commitment is Just Parent? Is it right for me?

Just Parent embodies a family-centered commitment. In contrast to traditional ABA clinics, parents' active involvement in every session is vital to the child's progress. We require parents to actively participate and engage with their children and the clinician during their telehealth sessions. While we have high expectations, we've achieved a remarkable 93% success rate in skill acquisition for Just Parent's dedicated families. We believe in the power of collaboration and dedication to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Who Does Just Parent Work With?

Just Parent is best for parents of children ages 2-11 years old. We can work with Level I and Level II ASD Diagnoses.

What is Care Coordination?

Care coordination involves organizing and managing a child's healthcare journey by connecting various healthcare providers, specialists, and support services. The goal is to ensure seamless communication and collaboration among all involved healthcare providers, allowing for a well-rounded approach to the child's care. This coordinated effort helps optimize treatment plans, monitor progress, and address any challenges or needs the child may have, ultimately enhancing their overall behavioral health outcomes.

How does Just Parent implement Care Coordination?

Just Parent collaborates with pediatricians, diagnosticians, and ABA clinics to create a seamless journey through the autism diagnosis process. Our primary goal with care coordination is to support the family through this stressful time and assist them in finding the right provider for their child. If a pediatrician refers you to Just Parent, we will help you find a local diagnostician for evaluation. If a diagnostician refers you to Just Parent, we will help you find the best-suited care for your child. Ultimately, our mission is to get families into the correct autism care as quickly as possible so that impactful positive progress can be made.

Is Just Parent HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. All video calls, text messages, forms, payment information, and communications are conducted on secure and HIPAA compliant platforms to protect you and your child’s information. We will not communicate with you outside the app in order to protect your privacy.

Can You Work On More Than One Behavior/Skill At Once?

Your at-home care plan is decided by you and your provider, including how many behaviors are suitable for your child to work on at once. In many cases, we can work on multiple behaviors at a time. You can always build onto your plan as your child learns and grows.

Does Just Parent Work For Children With ASD?

Yes. We are fully equipped and trained to support families with an autism diagnosis. If your particular case becomes outside of the scope of our expertise, we can help connect you to other resources.

Can You Work With Non-Verbal Children?

Yes. We frequently help families find ways to communicate with their non-verbal child that increases their ability to communicate their wants and needs back to you. The ability to communicate often immediately relieves other behavior challenges because your child can finally be understood!

Is ABA Only For Kids With Autism?

No. Modern ABA is a safe, evidence-based way to connect with your child and support them in developing skills and behaviors that will help them in the long run. ABA can work with almost any child on almost any skill-based or behavior-based challenge.

What Skills/Behaviors Can Just Parent Help With?

We aren’t limited to a certain list! Our providers are equipped to deal with anything from common potty training, sleep regression, or general non-compliance issues, all the way up to more complex communication deficits, emotional regulation, and social skills. The best way to find out if we can help is to fill out our intake survey and set up your first meeting with your BCBA.