What is Telehealth ABA?

Making ABA therapy more accessible for families.

Video Conferencing
Parent Involvement
Increased Effectiveness

Just Parent’s telehealth ABA services provide direct ABA to your child via online video conferencing. We also provide parent training to get parents and caregivers on the same page, which results in an increase in effectiveness of the program.

In just one month with Just Parent...


of families reported
decreased tantrum behaviors


of families reported an increase in their child’s ability to accept “no”


of families reported a significant improvement in communication


families working on adjusting to new routines saw improvements

Telehealth ABA Efficacy

In-person ABA clinics are not accessible to everyone. Now, you can receive the same or better quality care without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Research has shown that telehealth ABA services are as effective as in-person ABA services. In-person ABA services and telehealth ABA services both achieve the same degree of reduction in behaviors, as well as the same degree of increased acquisition of new skills. Research conducted in 2013 found that, of families that received ABA services via telehealth, families saw a 94% reduction in problem behaviors.

Parent-Centric ABA

At Just Parent, we involve parents every step of the way. You will attend virtual sessions with your child and the BCBA, and you will be involved in reinforcing what your child works on with the clinician in your day-to-day life.

The involvement of parents in their child’s progress is a very important step in seeing positive changes in their child’s behavior and skill acquisition. Parent-led behavioral intervention is pivotal in increasing the acquisition of new skills and reducing problem behaviors at home. There is a lot of stress placed on a parent who does not know how to manage their child’s behaviors.

Research in 2016 has shown that telehealth parent training and parent-led teaching in the home is also remarkably effective. Families saw a 97% decrease in problem behaviors, and a 67% increase in skill acquisition when parents are teaching programs at home.

Children diagnosed with ASD make greater progress when everyone is on board with the same teaching skills. Telehealth ABA offers parents and caregivers an opportunity to see how BCBAs work with their child, and teaches them how to better implement these programs at home.

Children then receive the same methods of teaching, both from their clinician over telehealth and their caregivers at home, which results in the child being more likely to increase and maintain the skill being worked on.

What Does a Telehealth Session Look Like?

The first 10 minutes may be used to get your child to engage with the clinician, through fun games and entertainment that your child enjoys. That will then be followed with a period of instruction and teaching on skills that you and your clinician have deemed important for your child to acquire. Your child then takes a break as a reward for engaging in the session and responding correctly. This instruction-break pattern will likely continue for the duration of the session.

Ready to get started?

Getting started with Just Parent is simple. Fill out our quick intake survey including your insurance information. Once we verify your insurance, we will match you with a BCBA.


Putting Behavioral Care Back in the Parent’s Hands

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Just Parent

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Everything we do leads back to a better connection between you and your kiddo!

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