What is Parent-led ABA?

Empowering families, transforming lives.

BCBA Rendered

Guidance from Master's level clinician

Completely Virtual

Administered from the comfort of your own home

Flexible Hours

As little as three hours per week

In just one month with Just Parent...


of families reported
decreased tantrum behaviors


of families reported an increase in their child’s ability to accept “no”


of families reported a significant improvement in communication


families working on adjusting to new routines saw improvements

Research indicates a 97% reduction in problem behaviors and 67% increase in skill acquisition when parents are actively engaged in teaching programs at home.

- Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (2016) and Walden University (2021)

Everything we do leads back to a better connection between you and your kiddo!

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Just Parent empowers families to take charge of their child's development journey.

Traditional ABA therapy usually involves a child and a clinician, leaving parents unable to continue treatment at home. Our model includes parents so that everyone is equipped to continue consistent treatment at home under the expert guidance of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Consistency is Key

For children diagnosed with ASD, consistency in teaching methods is key to their progress. Parent-led ABA administered through telehealth allows parents and caregivers to witness how BCBAs work with their child and also equips them with the knowledge and skills to implement these programs effectively at home. When you and your child’s clinician are aligned, your child has a higher likelihood of acquiring and maintaining the skills they are working on.

What Does a Telehealth Parent Training Session Look Like?

A telehealth parent-training ABA session is a collaborative and interactive experience. During the session, your Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) connects with you and your child, observes your child’s behaviors and responses in real-time, and provides guidance on behavior management and teaching strategies.

The session typically involves practical demonstrations and exercises, fostering a supportive and learning-rich environment within the comfort of your own home. Your BCBA will offer immediate feedback and tailored recommendations, ensuring that you feel confident in applying ABA techniques to address your child's specific needs.