Fully Remote Access
to ABA Therapy

Behavioral health care for kids with or without a diagnosis.

Completely Virtual. No Waitlists. Accepting Insurance Soon!

Step One

complete profile and assessment

Complete your profile info including a comprehensive behavioral assessment so we can learn more about your child.

Step Two

Virtual Meeting
with BCBA

Review IEPs and past assessments, and
discuss steps for
moving forward with
a plan.

Step Three

Get YOUR customized results + Plan

Receive a customized
step-by-step guide from your Clinician after they review your behavior assessment.

Step Three

Text with
a clinician

Message with your clinician when you have questions or run into problems as put your plan into action at home!

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Designed to help parents with children ages 2-8.

ASD Diagnoses
Communication Deficits
Regulating Emotions
Bonding With Your Child
General Non-Compliance
Struggles in School
General Parenting Struggles

What to expect when you sign up

Signing up for Just Parent is simple! Just send us a text and you'll be prompted to sign our terms of service, set up monthly payments, and fill out a comprehensive behavior assessment.

Your Behavior Assessment:
Gives our clinicians crucial details and insight to help create your customized plan.

Meet with a BCBA
Schedule a 30-minute virtual call to get to know your BCBA, and a 15-minute follow-up to discuss your customized plan.

Get A Customized Plan:
A step-by-step guide designed by your clinician for your very specific situation.

Text Your Clinician:
When you have questions or run into challenges, we're here to step in. Ongoing support is a critical part of what we do!

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Parents can't afford to wait to address child behavior issues.

So why do traditional healthcare routes take weeks, months, or years to even get started?

Just Parent skips the waitlist and puts you in touch with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst today.

  • No Waitlists
  • All Virtual Appointments
  • From the comfort of your own home
  • Completely personalized to your family
  • Unlimited text support from your therapist
  • We evolve with you as your needs change

Meet Our Clinicians

Just Parent clinicians are Board Certified Behavioral Analysts with extensive private practice experience.

  • Graduate-Level or above education
  • Certified through Behavior Analyst Certification Board
  • Demonstrated success with one-on-one clients
  • Experts in their field
  • Managed by our Chief of Clinical Content,
    Dr. Tiva Pierce, Ph.D., BCBAD, LBA

Need more support?
Schedule a virtual session with one of our clinicians.

If you want to meet face-to-face with a clinician, you can do that too! Simply book a 30-minute appointment for an additional one-time fee of $45.

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How do we customize Just Parent plans just for you?

No two children are the same, so neither are Just Parent plans!

Once you take our Online Behavior Assessment, one of our Clinicians will open a text conversation with you via our secure and HIPAA compliant chat.

Your clinician will get to know you and your situations so they can deliver a step-by-step guide that will work in your situation. Text them any time with questions or concerns.

Need more help? Schedule a one-on-one virtual call with your Clinician at your convenience.

Free Assessment:
Understand your child's behavior and developmental skill levels

Take the Vineland Assessment Online