Beta Test: One-on-One Virtual Sessions

Like a therapy session, but about your child.

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Just Parent has partnered with a number of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). Part of our future offering may include one-one-one virtual meetings with a BCBA. These are intended to be similar to a session with a therapist, but for specific parenting issues.

What does it look like to test virtual BCBA sessions?

Step 1: Fill out a survey about your specific parenting needs.
Our BCBA will read through your survey and prepare for your one-on-one meeting.
Step 2: Schedule a call.
Set up a 20-minute time to meet with a BCBA who reviewed your survey.
Step 3: Receive specific feedback and guidance from a professional.
The 20-minute call will focus on understanding why specific behaviors are happening and how to address them. Your BCBA will follow-up with a personalized curriculum just for you that you can implement in your own home!
Step 4: Get ongoing support from Just Parent
Just like when you learn a new skill as an adult, implementing one with your family might be confusing. As you work through your curriculum, the Just Parent team is there via email to answer any questions you have.

What can you expect out of a session?

Our BCBA's are professional s who are already helping parents by meeting on-on-one with clients in the field. We've hired them to treat our beta testers just like a typical client.

During your call, you will go more in-depth on the topic or topics that are most disruptive in your household right now.

Similar to a counseling session, your BCBA will ask you questions and listen to what you're experiencing at home. Then, they will provide practical and evidence-based strategies to address those behaviors and scenarios at home.

What is Just Parent testing?

We're on a mission to make parenting resources and access to Board Certified Behavior Analysts more affordable and accessible. We already know that BCBAs are extremely effective. But the cost of individual sessions can add up quickly!

We're trying to find out...
1. How can we optimize the intake survey to help give the BCBA more information before a meeting.
2. How effective can a singular meeting be with a BCBA?
3. How can we create effective follow-up material that will benefit parents without having to schedule another virtual meeting.

As a beta tester, this meeting does not cost a dime!

This is part of our investment in our own product. Your initial meeting is completely free and you are under no obligation to meet with our BCBA again. There may be opportunities for discounted follow-up meetings if you are interested.

What we ask of you...

In order to help us meet our goals, we ask that you commit to filling out at least one 10-20 minute survey after your meeting, to let us know about your experience.

That's it!

Ready to get started? You can fill out your intake form here!