Beta Test: Digital Resources

Give us feedback on resources that will be made available in our app.

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At Just Parent, we're working on an app that will deliver parenting resources from Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BSBA's), to your phone. Our BCBAs have been hard at work developing content, but we need feedback from real parents who are in the thick of things with their kids, right now!

Help us understand what you need most...

Before we finalized our resources, we'd like to hear a little bit more from you. If you're interested and have time, we'd love your help in the form of a survey about your specific parenting needs.

We want to prioritize the topics and types of content parents will benefit from the most.

The information you give us will help inform decisions we make about our upcoming digital content. Once that is ready, we'll send it back to your to review and give us your honest feedback!

What can you expect out of digital content?

Our BCBA's are professionals whoa re already meeting one-on-one with clients in the field. We've hired them to create curriculum for Just Parent users. We want this content to be easily accessible, customized to your specific situation, and quickly consumable. We know your time is precious!

While we prepare for our Just Parent app for the app stores, our first pieces of digital content will likely be delivered over email. You're getting in on this process right at the very beginning!

What is Just Parent testing?

We're on a mission to make parenting resources and access to Board Certified Behavior Analysts more affordable and accessible. We already know that BCBAs are extremely effective. But the cost of individual sessions can add up quickly!

We're trying to find out...
1. How can we optimize survey data to help give our clinicians enough information to help Just Parent clients without booking a meeting.
2. How effective and customized can a singular resource be?
3. How can we create effective follow-up material that will benefit parents without having to schedule face-to-face meetings.

As a beta tester, this meeting does not cost a dime!

This is part of our investment in our own product. Your digital resources are completely free and you are under no obligation to continue with paid products once they're available. There may be opportunities for discounted virtual meetings or paid resources in the future, if you are interested.

What we ask of you...

Just your honesty! When you fill out a survey or give feedback, we want to know the honest truth, so that we're equipped to make Just Parent the best it can be!

That's it!

Ready to get started? You can fill out your intake form here!