Just Parent

First time potty training? Or struggling to succeed? We got you! Get your child out of diapers and onto the toilet over a weekend!

Personalized Potty-Training Plans Made For Your Family

Potty-training can be so hard! There’s many methods and plans – how do you know which one is right for your family?

Our plans cover and incorporate things like where your child is in their potty-training journey, their developmental milestones, and your schedule. Once we learn a bit more about you, we can use behavior techniques to build a plan just for your family. We’ve worked with hundreds of families to get their kids successfully using the toilet no matter what the situation. Join us today!

Just 4 steps

In just four easy steps, get the answers you need and the behavior change you want.

Step 1
Family Profile
20-minute call with our in-house expert to determine behavior goals
Step 2
Personalized Plan

Receive recommended curriculum that tells you not just what to do, but shows you how to do it

Step 3
Plan Implementation
Over the next few days, use your curated plan to carefully, but effectively achieve your behavior goals.
Step 4
Adjust & Maintain
As you work through your plan, Just Parent is here to help you adjust when there are bumps in the road. Once behavior change is obtained, we will help you maintain your progress.

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