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Check Out Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions Our Clients Have


1. What is Just Parent?

Just Parent is an education startup that provides evidence-based Parent Training. Our goal is to give parents the answers and tools they need to autonomously address behavior challenges they face with their kids. We provide personalized plans to change behaviors and help parents feel confident in their parenting!


2. Why should I use Just Parent?

Great question! We are a team of experienced, licensed and board-certified behavioral health professionals. The curriculum we provide is based on years of proven techniques to achieve the success your child deserves. 


3. What ages does Just Parent work with?

We currently work with families and children ages 2-8


4. Is Just Parent for parents or for kids?

Just Parent is a resource for parents. We help parents help their kids!

5. What should we expect when working with Just Parent?

You can expect positive behavior change and a new found confidence in parenting! Depending on what your goals are, we typically ask families to commit twenty minutes a day for two weeks to see effective and lasting behavior change.


6. What types of behaviors does Just Parent help families address?

We help families with all types of challenges! But some behaviors we typically address are potty training, language acquisition, schedule setting, picky eating, tantrums, technology dependance, sibling relationship, aggression, school anxiety, etc..

7. Who are our customers?

Just Parent is for families who fall through the cracks in the behavioral health system. These are the families whose child’s behaviors are enough of a struggle that they seek guidance from their pediatrician, but the behaviors may not be severe enough to warrant a formal behavioral evaluation.


8. Who started Just Parent?

Just Parent was designed by two Columbia University graduates, one of whom is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with more than a decade of experience treating behavior disorders and providing parent training services. We know our stuff!

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