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Just Parent has one mission: to make parenting easier. Caregivers partnered with Just Parent can set their children up for success and make their homes happier with personalized, evidence-based, step-by-step guidance to curb normal but frustrating behavior.

Just Parent was started by Sara Romano. As a Type-A millennial looking forward to starting her own family, Sara wanted to know what resources were available for parents when it came to address the legendary tantrums her friends with kids were experiencing. She was underwhelmed with what she found.
Although there are countless parenting blogs, websites and articles, Sara felt that none of them gave parents the tools to improve the normal but frustrating behaviors their children experience by working on underlying skills. Most importantly, she found that the available resources were not personalized, actionable or user-friendly enough to seamlessly assist a busy parent.
During an impactful stint mentoring teen girls at a residential treatment center, Sara learned how important a parent’s role could be in setting children up for emotional health and personal success. She realized that every child deserves personalized care to help them cope with change, connect with others and understand the confusing world of adult expectations. While parents may be completely loving and supportive, they often lack the resources to teach their children how to communicate effectively and regulate their emotions appropriately. She wanted to learn these skills herself, and give other parents the tools they needed to set their children on the right path.
Partnering with Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, Christie Lau, Sara founded Just Parent in 2020 to provide parents with easy-to-understand, actionable, personalized advice for how to manage their little ones’ everyday misbehavior. Just Parent’s evidence-based interventions do not just address everyday misbehavior – they also tackle the underlying issues that contribute to this misbehavior and give parents guidance in teaching their children to communicate, manage their emotions, and thrive.

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